Dr. Robert Lieberson

About Dr. Robert Lieberson

He is a neurosurgeon who has been practicing for 30 years, Dr. Robert Lieberson, MD, MHA, FACS, FAANS.

The University of Pennsylvania Moore School of Engineering trained Dr. Lieberson as a computer scientist. To pay for medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, he worked as a computer scientist.

In the seven years following his graduation from medical school, Dr. Robert Lieberson spent at Stanford University as a neurosurgery resident and a spinal cord injury and research fellow, he finished his neurosurgery training there.

After completing his residency in neurosurgery, spine, and pain management, he established one of the largest clinics in Northern California. Dr. Robert Lieberson pioneered the first outpatient cervical disc surgery in Northern California and the first outpatient pedicle screw fusion surgery in the western United States. Upon his return to Stanford in 2008, Dr. Robert Lieberson began teaching and mentoring new neurosurgeons in trauma, spine, and CyberKnife surgery.

At Stanford, he conducted research on brain tumors and published and presented on about 50 different themes around the world. Robert Lieberson has served as a locum tenens provider at numerous institutions, including Howard University in Washington DC and UCSF's Alameda County Neurosurgery Division in Oakland, CA, over the past several years. After a long absence, Dr. Lieberson returned to the classroom in 2015.

University of Southern California awarded him a Master's degree in Healthcare Administration. Additionally, he has continued to consult on medical computer science applications and quality assurance challenges for numerous start-up firms, state medical boards, attorneys general, and others while maintaining his neurosurgical practice.

Dr. Robert Lieberson has received various accolades, including numerous honors from Stanford and his other connected medical institutions.